Fuel Maintenance at Pritchard Power Systems


Meet Your Tank's New Best Friend

With increasing bio-content in today’s diesel, the fuel in your storage tank often contains small, but problematic water levels. The water contamination, both free and emulsified water, can cause serious issues from blocking fuel filter, equipment damage, engine system corrosion to poor fuel efficiency.

Aquafighter® actively removes water from diesel directly in the tank, captures & neutralizes the water and keeps your fuel pure and your tank water-free at all times.

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Fuel Polishing by Pritchard Power Systems

Fuel polishing

Got Dirty Fuel? Don't Discard & Replace it... POLISH IT!

Fuel polishing is a process where fuel is filtered through our mobile system to remove any sludge, water, algae, bug, rust, and other contaminents. We filter fuel from the bottom of the tank where water and particulate settles and return fresh filtered fuel to the top of the tank.

Our skilled technicians will filter your fuel for 3 cycles ensuring your fuel is revived to it's purist state. Not only will you be getting better performance out of your engine, you will also notice less engine smoke, carbon deposit and prevent injector damage.

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